Welcome to City Gardens Walks 2015

Discovering the gardens of the City of London is a rewarding experience for any inquisitive person, but they need to be explored on foot if the joys of discovery and involvement are to be fully experienced. Historic churchyards or modern architectural spaces, each have their own distinctive character.
Unusual trees and shrubs thrive in the warmth of the City and are a beauty to behold and there are a quarter of a million bedding plants to delight each year.

All walks £8 per person
Children under 15 are free
Concessions at the discretion of the Guide
Four walks each different in character – no booking required – just turn up and go.
The walks take place regardless of the weather!

For further information, to book a group walk or buy a gift voucher


All of the guides are qualified members of the City of London Guide Lecturers Association and have qualified further in the history and horticulture of the City of London gardens.

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